Participating Schools

Rosemary Anderson High School provides a unique learning environment, however, this school is currently unable to provide comprehensive arts education programs to its diverse and highly motivated students. Stumptown Stages is thrilled to be partnering with this amazing school to help provide students with access to the arts!






Rosemary Anderson High School is a community-based alternative high school run by Portland Opportunities Industrialization Center and located in North Portland. Students attending Rosemary Anderson have struggled in the past to succeed in the traditional public school learning environment. Up to 190 students are enrolled each year at RAHS and all of them are considered “at risk;" many of them are homeless. To give you some staggering numbers: 95% of RAHS students live below the poverty line, 92% qualify for federal free lunch, 85% have been high school dropouts, 82% are from single parent households and 65% do not live with their families. Students at Rosemary Anderson have been told they “can’t” their whole lives. At Rosemary Anderson, they learn they can.  Rosemary Anderson provides exceptional support to students, providing them counseling, internships and assistance in transitioning into college and careers until they are 25-years-old. For all of these reasons, Rosemary Anderson is truly a home for students who have been left behind.


RAHS students are motivated to succeed and they do. Of students who attend class regularly, Rosemary Anderson takes pride in a 90% graduation rate. Stumptown Stages is privileged to have the opportunity to give Rosemary Anderson High School students a platform to shine. 


Administrators at Rosemary Anderson High School have requested additional workshops from Stumptown Stages at their East campus in Gresham. Rosemary Anderson High School East is home to many students who have been displaced by gentrification in North Portland neighborhoods.


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