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Folk City The Musical

February 15th through March 4th, 2018

Brunish Theatre, Portland'5 Centers for the Arts


World premiere!


It’s 1960. Greenwich Village is bustling with Bohemian poets, Beatnik folk singers, struggling artists, students and curious youth from around the country.


Folk City: The Musical follows the story of six young people who are drawn to Greenwich Village in the early 1960s and find a home at a little restaurant-turned cabaret, Gerdes Folk City, which eventually becomes the historic and iconic epicenter of popular music. Through time, the group closely bonds and as the years pass, they interact with the now-famous personalities of that special time and place, through 30 years of open mic, or “Hoot Nights.” These nights have shaped a generation, and the roller-coaster ride from its start as an Italian restaurant/bar through the ‘60s when Bob Dylan, Judy Collins, Simon & Garfunkel, the Mamas and Papas, and just about anyone with a guitar was signed to a record deal, through the ‘70s when the singer-songwriters took over the Village, and on to the ‘80s when new-wave and punk was blossoming in the club and folk music went through a hip revival. And then…1986. The club loses its lease. It’s the end of an era. The Last Hoot is the final scene of the show. Where did the six characters end up? Who made it; who didn’t?


Folk City’s audience will be transported to New York’s Greenwich Village, and the cool, hipster world of Beatniks, artists, jazzbos, poets, folk singers, bluesmen, and rockers, all creating a vibrant breeding ground for friendship, romance, civil rights, feminism, free love, fashion, Viet Nam, jealousy, drugs and fame, through three turbulent and exhilarating decades, all set to a killer soundtrack—the classic hit songs of the ‘60s, ‘70s and 80s.



Tony D'Angelo


Dean Graham


Karen Fairchild


Shelley Moore


Ernie Davis


Brian McNamara






Anthony McCarthy


Morgan Mallory


*Joann Coleman


Hallie Griffin


Steve Coker


Jess Ford


Kim Vogels


Sam Jones

* Denotes member of the Actors' Equity Association






Brian Michael

Eric Toner

Geoffrey Jellesma

Bob Shotola

Production Team


Book Co-Writer


Book Co-Writer




Musical Director


Stage Manager


Assistant Stage Manager


Assistant Stage Manager


Scenic & Lighting Design


Prop Master


Sound Designer


Sound Engineer


Projection Designer/Social Media


Mural Reproduction Artist

Costume Designer




Production Consultant




Production Manager


House Manager


Volunteer Coordinator


Associate Artistic Director





Bernadette Contreras


Robbie Woliver


Kirk Mouser


Michael Brian


Michael DeMaio


Mychal Elmore


Lexi Morsch


Demetri Pavlatos


Bruce Tolonen


Brian Moen


Garrett Brown


Jen Olson


Mikayla Borresen

Margaret Louise Chapman


Jane Holmes


Janet Mouser


Paul Fardig 


Gordon Mouser


Sandra Vincent


Pam Knight


Julianne Johnson-Weiss


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